'A footprint means pressing down and global means world, so 'global footprint' means pressing down on the world and we don't want to press too hard' (child's definition of a Global Footprint)
what is Global Learning? CoreKnowledge Key Skills Values and Attitudes what is sustainability? what about climate change?
what about climate change?

What is a Fairtrade School? 

A Fairtrade school is committed to Fairtrade, sells and uses Fairtrade products as far as it can, and raises awareness of Fairtrade in the school and local community. It is a great way of promoting the ethical and social awareness of your school and can be linked to PHSE.

Becoming a Fairtrade School is a great way to be active in a local campaign!   

By turning Fairtrade your school is agreeing to promote and support the Fairtrade campaign in your school and local community. You can have lots of fun too! 

Use this PowerPoint to introduce Fairtrade to your school Each slides has notes, modify the PowerPoint to suit your needs. 

See Students Fairtrade Powerpoints and webpages on East End Talking

 Schools need to achieve five goals to become Fairtrade, we have put together some resources to help you on your journey. Click each goal to visit our pages.

Goal 1: Have a Fairtrade Steering Group

 -Click to see our Steering Group resource

Goal 2: Have a whole school Fairtrade policy written and set in place - Activity for 4 groups with Teacher notes, to get to the issues around creating a policy

Goal 3: Be committed to selling, promoting and using Fairtrade products

 - Click to see Bow Boys case study of running a fair-trade business in school

Goal 4: Learn about Fairtrade Issues

- Activities for the classroom and links to learn more

Goal 5: Be committed to promoting and taking action for Fairtrade in school and the wider community

- Become a Fairtrade Dectective

To find out more about becoming a Fairtrade School check out the Fairtrade Foundation

website for schools!

Get The Fairtrade Foundation's step-by-step guide. 

Essential , we think, is the Fairtrade Foundation's DVD with resources, click on the image to order.   

Archive: The Fairtrade Foundation’s theme. See also Traidcraft’s ‘Big Brew’.


What is the Fairtrade Foundation?

The Fairtrade Foundation is a registered charity. Fairtrade seeks to transform trading structures and practices in favour of the poor and disadvantaged. By facilitating trading partnerships based on equity and transparency, Fairtrade contributes to sustainable development for marginalised producers, workers and their communities. Through demonstration of alternatives to conventional trade and other forms of advocacy, the Fairtrade movement empowers citizens to campaign for an international trade system based on justice and fairness. With unfair trade rules and giant companies squeezing poor farmers in the developing world out of business and into further poverty, now is a vital time to stand up and say, “We won’t stand for unfair trade”.For more ideas and resources go to www.fairtrade.org.uk  

Where can we support Fairtrade in Tower Hamlets? 
Volunteers have surveyed local caterers. In January 2011, about 6% stocked at least two Fairtrade products including coffee. All major supermarkets sell Fairtrade items but only those with Fairtrade cafes are listed. 
Click here to view Tower Hamlets Fairtrade Caterers Map