'A footprint means pressing down and global means world, so 'global footprint' means pressing down on the world and we don't want to press too hard' (child's definition of a Global Footprint)
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what about climate change?

Single Bottom Line

The history of businesses and why they are set-up and run, has been founded on the 'bottom line'. This is the profit/loss item at the bottom of the audited accounts sheet. Business is about profit.

You can work with children using a simple excel spreadsheet to show the budgeting for a party and then talk about an admission charge and calculate a bottom line depending on how many people went to the party. For the spreadsheet click on the image.

The children can decide as a class/group what should be served at the party, and what price the tickets, and then what profit they might make if so many people came. You could hand out a simple finance sheet for the income and expenditure calculation (click here).

If they are in an ICT room, they could do the budget at their own computers, preferably in pairs or teams to create discussion and co-operative decision-making.

A Multiple Bottom Line

You can ask the children what-else might be important in what a business produces, or who or what it affects?

They might suggest 'jobs', the 'environment'... They may even come up with the Multiple Bottom Line of profit, workforce, local community, the environment and the customers.

You can then give them, in small groups, sugar paper with a table of the bottom lines and stick-its with arrows on, that can be rotated. These can point-up for very positive affects, or down for very negative outcomes, or in between.

They are running a school tuck shop that sells only healthy food and decide that they will make more money by selling cream cakes, with paper plates, a knapkin and a plastic fork. What will happen to the profit? The workforce?... The children need to discuss the affects and move the arrows to show whether it is positive or not. A spokesperson for the group can then present their analysis to the whole class.

This is called a Coporate Social Responsibility audit (CSR) and is what most companies do as part of their work and annual report.

To see video clips of the activity click here.

To use multiple bottom lines as an activity online click here.

But if they... click here.