'A footprint means pressing down and global means world, so 'global footprint' means pressing down on the world and we don't want to press too hard' (child's definition of a Global Footprint)
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what about climate change?

EMA Innovations Projects

EMA Innovations Grants have enabled schools across Tower Hamlets to carry out projects with a wide range of language developement themes. Over the last few years we have seen a range of innovative projects going on, and thought that their good practise should be shared more widely. To that end we have been working with the schools to develop and showcase work on this site and www.eastendtalking.org.uk HEC was also invited to work specifically with a number of schools who have obtained the Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant (EMAG).

Welcome to St Peter's*

A group of Year 5 students filmed in and around their "house of learning", interviewing fellow students and members of staff. Capturing different and important areas of school life here at St Peter's.

Bringing Our Stories to Life at Chisenhale*

At Chisenhale School, Bernard Hazell, our Associate Drama Specialist, carried out drama sessions with pupils to develop their language skills and confidence, they videoed and creating web pages to show people around their school.

The New Arnhem Wharf* Pupils began by thinking about how their school is changing, then looked at maps of the Isle of Dogs, but there was not much information. They decided to show more of their area, by Putting Ourselves on the Map
Life on the Island by Cubitt Town Juniors. Parents and children from Cubitt Town Juniors visited local places and local museums to explore their local area and local history.
This included interviewing people from local businesses. They also invited speakers and visitors to the school.
Bringing Our Stories to life* Animations at Shapla

Bringing Our Stories to Life* with St Mary's and St Michael's School. They worked together with the HEC Global Learning Centre and the CLC to encourage pupils in story writing and developing speaking and listening skills.  Students, from lower KS2, were encouraged to use their mother tongues in the storytelling and voice-overs in their animations. English subtitles made the stories accessible to all students.

One World at Woolmore

One World at Woolmore. At Woolmore they have families, friends and colleagues from all around the world. They wanted to come together to celebrate their rich, diverse, multi-cultural and  multi-faith learning community.

Stepney Green Maths Week Maths Month at Stepney Greencoat. Students across the school had a fantastic month of visitors and events. See examples from each week.
New arrivals at Cyril Jackson New Arrivals* at Cyril Jackson. An eager group of Y2 to Y6 students, all recently arriving from different parts of the world, went around their school, with a video camera, recording fellow students and members of staff.
Making & Talking for Learning at Halley
Manorfield Changing Communities Changing Communites. Histories from Caribbean, African and Dual Heritage students at Manorfield
  Welcome to New Arrivals at Osmani
 Visit our P4C pages Philosophy for Children (P4C) at Mayflower*
 to find out more about Philosophy for Children (P4C) at Smithy St*
Philosophy for Children Philosophy for Children (P4C) at Cayley
Telling stories: past, present and future at Swanlea
How Can Schools Make Links between the Curriculum and the World Outside School by Mulberry
  Using Socratic talk to develop science coursework at Central Foundation
Becoming Active Citizens at George Green
Boy Boys Science Club Science Club at Bow Boys



*These school's projects were carried out with HEC Global Learning Centre

 Previous Years

Redlands Local History Project* Redlands researched local history using a specially constructed webquest. Two classes visited the London Metropolitan Archives, the tube station, Ideas Store, Mosque and Sainsburys with digital audio recorders to record sound. They used the CLC to create interactive maps and gave presentations to school assembly and uploaded materials online.


Welcome to the Roman Road*,  Changes to the Roman Road and its community. At Olga School students created web-pages and video clips of interviews about how the Roman Road is changing and its effect on the community.



Smithy Street and Ben Jonson* have been holding Parental Engagement sessions introducing toy-making and sewing sessions using recycled materials as a starting point.



Developing Work with Somali Families* at Marion Richardson.They got inspired by the book "When you lived in Somalia", edited by Rachel Warner to start a project with Somali pupils and mums. The Aim of the project was, among others, to strengthen links between Somali pupils and their parents. This project helped Somali pupils to learn about, understand, appreciate and value their cultural heritage through interviewing their parents.

Speak up, Speak out:
Understanding democracy* Christchurch School Students spent a week exploring the concept of democracy, to understand children's rights and have a voice.