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Empty Classroom Day2014
On Friday 20th June take learning outside

What is the Empty Classroom Day?

Learning outside the classroom can be fun, memorable and healthy. The recent Natural Childhood report notes that UK children are losing contact with nature at a "dramatic" rate, and their health and education are suffering. The National Trust has launched a consultation on tackling "Nature Deficit Disorder" as well as developing a website – 50 things to do before you are 11¾ - www.50things.org.uk.

It is not too late for schools to sign up! The work hasn’t stopped yet; please help me to make Empty Classroom Day the best it can possibly be. Go to LSSF on Project Dirt for more ideas and sign up at www.projectdirt.com/project/7832

Schools are signing up to support for outdoor learning and to show that one class will be learning outside for one lesson. Pupils will be;

  • Bird watching in their playgrounds
  • Bug hunts at nature reserves
  • Following maps in Zoos
  • Making art on city farms
  • Maths lesson in the playground
  • Running races for school sports days
  • Weeding in the school vegetable patch
  • Writing stories in the local park

Why are schools doing this?

Learning outside the classroom can be fun, memorable and healthy. By signing up to the Empty Classroom Day schools are joining together so many pupils experience the benefits of learning outside.

Everyone benefits from learning outside;

  • young people will get the chance to learn in new, more relevant and exciting ways – in particular these can benefit those who find classroom learning difficul

  • teachers will be able to broaden and deepen their teaching skills and subject knowledge while working with more motivated pupil

  • the school can use these new approaches to raise achievement 

  • the wider community can benefit through involvement in, for example, developing school gardens of all kinds, leading to a wider understanding of issues such as healthy eating, sustainability and caring for the environment.

What does my school get by signing up for the day? Many organisations are supporting schools for the Empty Classroom Day, for schools signed up there are special offers for visits, tours, treasure hunts and lots of activity packs with ideas of what your class can do in your school playground.

Sign up here to pledge that on June 20th at least one lesson will take place outside, it's that simple!

Our aim is that in every school in the world there will be an empty classroom and pupils will be learning in their playground, local park, farm, seaside and the great outdoors. So please sign up your school today and be part of the biggest outdoor event this school calendar!

Want your organisation to get involved, or simply curious? Contact crobson@wildlondon.org.uk for more details.

Click here for ideas of what to do on the day.

The Empty Classroom Day is a project created by a collection of organisations who met at London Sustainable Schools Forum (LSSF) and all support learning outside the classroom, in playgrounds, parks, farms, activity centres and nature reserves. The day was developed to help schools benefit from outdoor learning and share their best practice with other schools.