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Children's rights

Content and design by students who participated in Lines in the Sand project.

Lines in the Sand

Child Labour - Somalia
Jessie Savva - Morpeth school


Many of the children in Somalia are from very poor families and have to work to pay for their family and/or their education. Of the 250 million children world wide, it is estimated that 32% work in Africa. Over 70% of the region lives and works in extremely poor conditions.


This is a very important piece of information because it tells us how other children live differently to us and how lucky we really are.

I think that all children should have the same rights to each other and no children should be better off than the other

Africa is the poorest continent on the face of the planet, and often considered the most affected by child labour. In Somalia it is estimated that up to half of children aged 5-14 are working.

This point tells us that there are other countries that are far worse off than us and that we should give and help others.

Banner by Morpeth school
Banner by Morpeth school





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