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Spanish voices: the beginning...

The 10/ 10/ 10 strategy

Introductory exercise 1: Ten questions

1.The children were told that the project would link young people in four different communities; they were given the names of the countries and asked to find where they were on a map. They were not told anything about the countries, or children. Although they were told that Spanish is spoken in three of the communities.

2.In groups the children were asked to think of 10 questions they would like to ask the other children, but the questions had to be general and for all partners. There was no separate list for each community, just one list for all.

3.The children then had to decide as a class which 10 questions they were going to send. All of the questions were recorded at this stage, even though only 10 were sent.

4.The questions were then sent to each communities.

Introductory exercise 2:

Ten points of information about themselves

NOTE:This activity was carried out efore the students received any questions or other information.

Introductory exercise 3:

Ten human rights

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