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Curriculum Connections

©Phil Maxwell

"Locococo is an impressive game, it provides a unique opportunity to combine the teaching of languages, geography, economics and personal and social skills within the context of development education", Chris Brocklesby (MFL Inspector)

As we start the new millenium it is important that young people begin to understand the effect of actions in the past and the effect of our present actions have in the future.

Key skills which can be developed through playing the game and using the materials from both books will enhance children's understanding of critical thinking and their ability to challenge injustice and inequalities and learn to find and act upon evidence and reasoned argument.

©Phil Maxwell

Locococo helps students to develop the values and attitudes, which are important to an understanding of their roles and responsibilities as citizens.

The resource increases students' knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the experiences of people in other parts of the world thus helping to develop students' international citizenship.

(Useful site on citizenship; www.citizenship-pieces.org.uk)

Personal and social development

Locococo provides an opportunity for all students to learn, achieve and contribute to the preparation of students for the opportunities,responsibilities and experiences of life. Students learn about the wider world. In playing Locococo, learning is facilitated through co-operation, decision making, discussion and reasoning in an enjoyable context.

Students develop further their sense of social and moral responsibility and begin to understand the effects of their own choices in relation to global issues.

©Phil Maxwell
Modern Foreign Languages

Locococo can contribute to a broad and balanced curriculum, bringing a global perspective to language learning and thereby enriching the modern foreign language curriculum. It raises questions of identity, stereotypes, cultures, similarities and differences.

The experience of playing Locococo helps to develop strategies such as memorising, dealing with the unpredictable, working with others and encourages students both to understand and use the target language more independently. Locococo encourages students' familiarity with the written form and grammar of the target language in a different context. It provides opportunities for the development of their comprehension, reinforces and improves listening and reading skills and accuracy in speaking.


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