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In 1996 the President and guerrilla commanders signed a peace settlement bringing an end to over 30 years of one of the most violent civil wars in Latin America. A conflict which has left over 150,000 dead and caused the uprooting and displacement of more than one million Guatemalans.

Young Photographers of Guatemala
 is a photography project for children who
 live with their families on the rubbish tips 
in Guatemala City. The initiative provides    
children with a new and powerful voice to
 document and interpret their own lives.    
The photographs on the Rights of the Child, 
and the idea for their use within the game, 
came from the young Guatemalans.


Western Sahara

Since 1975 most of the Saharawi, the indigenous people of the Western Sahara, have been living as refugees in the Algerian desert close to Tindouf. The Western Sahara, recognised by the United Nations, remains occupied by Morocco who declared their claims on the country when the Spanish left. After the cease-fire declared in 1991 overseen by the UN and many delays, there is finally hope that a free and fair referendum will lead to a new agreement and the possibility that the Saharawi will be able to return to their homeland.

©Julio Etchart


9th June School, Western Sahara Refugee Camps, Tindouf, Algeria is a boarding school for about 2,500 students between 11 and 14 years of age. The Saharawi refugees provide a remarkable example of sustainable development, learning to live in one of the most inhospitable areas of the world.
United Kingdom

Humanities Education Centre is a development education centre that works closely with schools in London Borough of Tower Hamlets (the east end of London) setting up projects that promote global and environmental education. Providing support for teachers willing to explore these issues through the curriculum. Students from Bromley Hall, Central Foundation Girls and Oaklands schools have participated in the project.

©Julio Etchart



The Institute for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution has participated in this project with three schools: Las Alhomas primary school in Casanueva-Zujaira near Granada, and two secondary schools Huerta Salama and Miguel Fernandez, in Melilla, in the north of Africa.


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