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what about climate change?

My Protest!

This is a great example of active global citizenship from a pupil in Bishop Monkton school. One which got a result too!


Illisu Dam letter

The letter said:

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: Proposed construction of the llisu Dam in south east Turkey

People who have been moved away from their home have not yet been given permanent housing. This shows that the project is not well organised. Even though officials say 25,000 people will be moved away the actual figure is 78,000-
most of these being Kurds.

The dam will disturb the flow of the water into Syria and Iraq. This could result in floods, droughts, arguments or maybe even WAR. In the rainy season, rivers flood help farmers to grow crops by making the soil fertile. This also helps wildlife to survive. This process will be stopped by the dam. Also a huge area of still, stagnant water could lead to malaria and other diseases.

Although using hydroelectric power will cut down on greenhouse gases; experts say that it would be cheaper to modernise the way that electricity is generated rather than to build a new dam. Another option, which the Turkish government have not looked into, is solar energy, which is much more sensible.

Hasankeyf will be flooded along with its building and ancient remains. 30,000 Kurdish pilgrims visit Hasankeyf a year. If this 900 year old town is flooded a whole culture will be ruined. Those for the dam say that a small part could be saved- a ‘small part’ would be useless!

I hope you understand why I am concerned and look forward to your reply.



 What YOU think about this protest:

"I think this protest was a very good idea because it will save an enormous amount of people and animals,(some of which are livestock).

I also think that the author has touched a delicate subject which, probably no one else would have had the courage to mention. The matter of how many people would have lost their lives and or their houses and livelihood.

This protest could have also possibly stopped a war had the project gone ahead. That is what I think."

M.Thompson, 8th February 2003