'A footprint means pressing down and global means world, so 'global footprint' means pressing down on the world and we don't want to press too hard' (child's definition of a Global Footprint)
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what about climate change?

George Green’s Citizen Schools Project

The Project was aimed at developing relationships between pupils of all backgrounds and developing their awareness as active Citizens and making links between all the different components and agencies and community groups and building awareness and bringing together the community and driving forward change to improve the community.

There were 8 stages to the Project:

1.Introducing the Project to the pupils in the school

2. Inviting representatives from the community in to the school to discuss their views with the pupil’s who would be coordinating the project

3. Pupils design their proposed changes based on the research

4. Pupils choose the BEST 3 changes to PUSH forward

5. Pupils develop and implement a plan for getting the changes made

6. Present the results back to all the pupils

7. Brief the IB film students who make a film of the project

8. Film to be shown at Humanities Day and other Community events

Launching the project: Pupils designed a logo for the project and presented this to the school


Research: Who is in our community and what do they think needs changing?

Pupils invited 8 Community groups into the school to be interviewed so that they could take their views into account when designing their ideas for what needed to be changed on the Isle of Dogs

1. Primary School Pupils

2. Elderly people

3. Businesses

4. Parents

5. Sixth formers

6. School Council

6. Teachers

7. Representatives from religious communities (Church and Mosque)

Sixth form



Pupils / Young People



Religious Groups




 The Elderly





Primary School Pupils



  • They did not show up...
  • But we did go to the small businesses across the road to interview the business owners.


What did the community want?

  • The findings....


What are they most concerned about? What change do they want to see? Does their idea for change meet the following criteria?
(Give the idea a mark out of 10 for each one)
Make a real difference Cost less than £1000 Take less than 6 weeks Sustainable
Primary School            

School Council
6th Formers            
Religious Groups


Designing our ideas for changebased on what the community wanted most


Pupils making their promotional posters for their idea for change


Pupils had to present their ideas to the class who would vote for one change to take forward


Some of the ideas the classes came up with based on the community research.

  • Anti gang film
  • Football pitches
  • Graffiti land / park wardens
  • Youth club
  • Stage on Island Gardens
 Year 7 Theatre Asssembly
  • Pupils from the winning teams from each class then presented their ideas to the whole Year group and the Year group voted on the best four ideas.
  • Same for Year 9


The best ideas from George Green's Year 7's and 9's went to a whole school vote

  • We made a video of the eight ideas that was shown in assemblies and in Tutor time and the whole school voted on which ideas would be best.....



Group 1

Graffitti Land & Park Wardens

A place in the park for young people to graffitti and park wardens to make the park safer

Group 2

Youth Club in Cafe Vert

Transforming Cafe Vert into our very own youth club


Football Pitches

Creating more football pitches on the Isle of Dogs

Group 4

Anti Gang Film

Produce a film to show why gangs are bad that can be shown to young people

Group 5

Raising Aspirations at School

Inviting inspirational speakers to the school


Group 6

Renovating an Existing Youth Club

Making one of our existing youth clubs better


Group 7

Graffiti House

A place for young people to learn and practice their graffitti skills without damaging property


Group 8

More CCTV and Lighting

Make the Isel of Dogs safer with more CCTV and lighting, particularly Millwall Park



The Three Winning Ideas

  1. Anti Gang Film
  2. CCTV and Lighting
  3. Graffiti Wall


Sharing our ideas with other schools to perfect them at Citzen schools event




Stage Three: Making the Ideas Happen


The groups pushing forward the community's big 3 ideas for change

  1. Anti gang film group
  2. CCTV and street lighting group
  3. Graffiti wall group

 What happened next....

  • CCTV is going ahead and will be put into place over the next 12 months.
    You decide next year: We need to gert on the panel of decision making to have impact on the ideas in the booklet.
  • Anti gang film made. Show the anti gang film in as many areas as possible; possibly updating the film and contacting NDUBZ to encourage them to be involved especially if we win the competition at Genesis.
  • Graffiti wall has been delayed by council decisions to have zero tolerance on graffitti. They feel that the wall may encourage more graffiti

The IB film students are making the film of the project linking it to the History of the Isle of Dogs to be shown to the whole school on Humanities Day on 16th July. It may also be shown at the Citizen's School's Celebration event with an audience of hundreds of influential people.