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Discrimination in education

  • Refuse to offer a disabled student a place because they are disabled, or offer them a place on less favourable terms than a student who is not disabled
  • Treat a disabled student less favourably in any aspect of educational life including trips, excursions and extra-curricular activities
  • Exclude a disabled student from school because of their disability


For example, if a school refuses to take a child who suffers from epilepsy unless she or he stops having fits, this will count as discrimination. In some cases, an education provider can treat a disabled student less favourably if it can justify this. A school can justify less favourable treatment if it is because of a permitted form of selection. For example, a child with learning difficulties applies to a school that selects its intake on the basis of academic ability and fails the school's entrance exam. Under these circumstances, the school would be able to justify not offering the child a place.



Less favourable treatment
Providers of education must not discriminate against students or applicants by treating them less favourably than students who are not disabled, unless they can justify this treatment (see below). This means that education providers must not: