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Lines in the Sand


This project for KS3 was based on building awareness of rights through a role playing around the Human Rights Commission. Students built core curriculum skills (for example, relating to English and Citizenship) and the use of 'interviews' and 'witnesses' was found to be highly motivating for students. Students were assigned as UN 'Special Rapportuers'. It led to an online resource 'Human Rights Detective'. HEC still works in schools around many topics relating directly to children's and human rights.


The students acted as UN Special Rapporteurs to investigate issues relating to the UN Millennium Development Goals.  A human rights project created by the Humanities Education Centre and Amnesty International working with Year 8 students in three Tower Hamlets schools. It was funded by the DfID.





Here is a list of events which took place during the Lines in the Sand project.
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The first sessions: Dan Jones from the Amnesty International runs workshops in classrooms.

Conferences: The students attended conferences at the Tower Hamlets' Professional Development Centre.

The final celebration: Anita Roddick of the Bodyshop Foundation and Kevan Collins, Director of Children's Services in Tower Hamlets, came to the final celebration at the new Amnesty International Centre in London.

The banners: The final product of the project was the banners. All the school produced banners on the issues they had been working on.

Conference at the City Learning Centre: Students from all three schools were invited to create their own website and animation using their research about the issues.



Hilary Benn: The Secretary of State for International Development visited the borough and was also interviewed by the pupils from Langdon.

Classroom activities: The students then worked with their groups to develop their research about the issues and the countries.

Fatama Sidi: was visiting from Western Sahara and was interviewed by students about her everyday life in the desert refugee camps.

Dan Jones: Dan Jones is an artist who also works for Amnesty International. He worked with Gillean and Michael on the Lines in the Sand project.

This project was created using a webquest on LGfL, now archived: UN Special Rapporteur webquest