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What is Race Discrimination?

It is unlawful and a wrong doing to discriminate against you on racial grounds. Race includes:
Colour of skin
• Ethnic or National origins

Thanks to Mary Young for this great website for anti racist stuff.

It doesn't matter if you are discriminated on purpose or not.
What counts is whether (as a result of someone’s actions) you're treated unfavourably by anyone because of your race.

Click here to view the 'Without Fear' project

Different types of Race Discrimination

There are four main kinds of discrimination:
Direct discrimination - deliberate discrimination
(eg where a particular job is only open to people of a specific racial group)

Indirect discrimination - working practices, provisions or criteria that disadvantage members of any group
(like introducing a dress code without good reason, which might discriminate against some ethnic groups)

Harassment - participating in, allowing or encouraging behaviour that offends someone or creates a hostile atmosphere
(eg making racist jokes at work)

Victimisation - treating someone less favourably because they've complained or been involved in a complaint about racial discrimination
(eg taking disciplinary action against someone for complaining about discrimination against themselves or another person)

Teachers and other students who do not stop the discrimination can also be found discriminating you.

'One Tower Hamlets is No Place for Hate'

Launched by our Race and Hate Interagency Forum,
the No Place for Hate Pledge is a simple message uniting the whole
community to end hate and create a safe borough where everyone can enjoy
living, working and visiting - free from fear, intimidation and violence.

It'll only take you a few moments to show your support -
click on the link below to find out how you, your colleagues,
the partners you work with and indeed family and friends can help create
‘ One Tower Hamlets’.


How to report a hate crime

If there is an emergency call the Police on 999 – particularly if an incident is still
happening or has just happened.

Callers have the option of reporting an incident anonymously. We encourage
victims to provide personal details, which will help us to investigate the incidentmore thoroughly.

What happens if you report it to the 24 hour hate crime reporting line?
The council aims to make contact with you within 48 hours of the incident being reported. This applies to incident reported via the internet, customer contact centre or in person.

  • You will be sent a letter confirming receipt of the report within 48 hours of the report. The letter will contain the name and contact details of your investigation officer.
  • If requested the Community Safety Victim & Witness Support Team will contact you to discuss support options. If you wish they will be able to organise an appointment to see you to assess your support needs and give you information about the investigation process and other agencies that may be able to help you. You can contact the Victim & Witness Support Team on 020 7364 6318 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday