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Conflict Resolution

Langdon Park Secondary School

The conflict resolution group are a team of Year 10 students who devote their time to making the Year 7's first year in Secondary school more comfortable and enjoyable.

What Conflict Mentors do

Mentors are there for the Year 7 students. Some students come to the Year 10 students and play football and also to talk to them about any problems they may be having in school or at home. Mentors also hold Year 7 tutorials, and discuss everyday issues that may concern them, or may affect them in the near future, for example; crimes & violence on the streets, differences & similarities in different religions.

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See what the Year 10 said

The Conflict Mentors
How does it benefit
Year 10 Pupils?

Year 10 pupils gain experience in nuturing younger pupils. It gives them a good feeling, and a sense of responsibility. It also gives them skills that will help them in later life, such as dealing with various different problems and issues.

It helps them develop speaking, listening and organisational skills, which helps them in their day to day life. It gives them an opportunity to reflect on themselves and their actions, helpng them to become a more rounded person.




How does it benefit Year 7 pupils?
It creates a sense of comfort and belonging in the school. Knowing that they can run to the Year 10 mentors with problems, is a reassurance. This makes them feel secure and safe in the school. It also gives them a chance to have someone to look up to; a rolemodel.

Year 7 students talking about similarities and differences in major religions

A year 10 student running
a tutorial Tunde (Yr 10)

View some roleplay showing examples of Conflict Resolution



Thanks to Tunde (Yr 10) for the text for this webpage, also thanks to all the other mentors and students, who helped in the making of this; Paul, Natasha, Lee, Marilyn, Chloe, Josh, Michael, Yosef, and Kajoria.

Thanks also to the Programme Co-ordinator, Rachel Facey