Citizenship Ceremony Training

HEC organised a training morning for Who do We think We Are? Week in which four primary schools took part in a citizenship ceremony at Bow Registry Office and a workshop in the gardens, in which they played citizenship bingo and explored what it is to be a member of the of their school communities in Tower Hamlets and the UK. The teachers received a pack that included a handbook on how to use the citizenship ceremony visits with their classes. There was also a contribution from two families from an out of hour’s activity group that had explored and celebrated local history through creating interactive timelines of their family history, also facilitated by HEC. The families read speeches out to the new citizens and their relatives, alongside the Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Commander John Ludgate. “I would never have thought that citizenship ceremonies could be such a learning experience for children”, commented teacher from St Edmunds School. Afterwards they interviewed the Registrar and Commander John Ludgate. The school went back to their schools to report to their classes or school councils and to organise children to write speeches that they can present to future citizenship ceremonies.