Fairtrade School Goal 2: Have a whole school Fairtrade policy written and set in place

Download our PDF: Creating a Fairtrade School Policy Using Your Children
This 16 page guide for teachers frames the policy-making within International and National initiatives and issues, contributing to three of the five targets to make your school a fairtrade School.
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2 - 3                 Why have policy statements? 
                        This is a role play for two volunteers in front of the group to illustrate the need for policy statements if your school council is to have a student voice.
4                      Making A Fairtrade Policy
                        An introductory sheet for the students.
5 - 8                 Create an aims statement about poverty
                        Research activity followed by ‘Values Line’ class discussion, and draft policy statement.
9 - 10               What are others doing about poverty?
                       Including in the policy statement recognition that the school’s work is reflecting that of the UK Government and the United Nations.
11 – 13            The role of Co-ops in Fighting Poverty
                       Fairtrade for small farmers and producers requires the formation of co-ops. These are recognised as major tools for empowering communities, promoting democratic participation and human rights.
14 – 15            Why Fairtrade?
                       What is Fairtrade and why should your school support Fairtrade and how.

(This guide is based on our archived WebQuest to Create a  School Fairtrade Policy)

*See in  the School Action guide
Section 1C - "Our School has written and adopted a whole-school Fairtrade Policy" - on page 12
Section 2B - "How to write and adopt a whole-school policy "- on page 25



 2. Our school has written and adopted a whole-school Fairtrade Policy

 2A. Policy agreed by the school Governors or Board and signed by the Headteacher and at least one pupil.