'A footprint means pressing down and global means world, so 'global footprint' means pressing down on the world and we don't want to press too hard' (child's definition of a Global Footprint)
what is Global Learning? CoreKnowledge Key Skills Values and Attitudes what is sustainability? what about climate change?
what about climate change?

Additional Downloads

Carbon Detectives Kit.pdf Carbon Detectives Toolkit website
Designed to help pupils understand some of the key issues related to climate change, the Kit enables pupils to explore what can be done at school level to combat climate change. It supports schools by:
• Helping them to explore and measure their own CO2 emissions.
• Providing learning opportunities that support more systemic thinking about climate change and explore the skills needed for action.
• Giving a big picture view of climate change, spanning the school and its community
• Enabling schools to lead by example.
The website and carbon footprint calculator start the journey, with the results leading to new questions and aspirations. The greatest potential can be realised through a whole school approach. A school in which the values of sustainability are embedded can offer young people a learning environment full of exciting advantages and opportunities.

Brighter Futures - Greener Lives.pdf

Bursars Guide.pdf

Carbon Emmissions From Schools Where they arise and how to reduce them.pdf

Children's Statement On Climate Change.pdf

Climate change and schools.pdf

Creating Sustainable Schools in London Case Study Guide.pdf

Delivering Sustainable Communities Through Sustainable Schools.pdf

Developing the Global Dimension In The School Curriculum.pdf

Every Child's Future Matters.pdf


Global Dimension & Sustainable Development.pdf

Leading sustainable schools.pdf

London Sustainable Schools Programme Annual Report 200809.pdf

National Framework for Sustainable Schools The eight doorways.pdf

National Recognition Scheme supporting progress.pdf How national recognition schemes can support your school’s progress

One future – different paths.pdf

Pathways - A Development Framework For School Sustainability.pdf

Planning a Sustainable School.pdf

Response poster.pdf National framework for sustainable schools Doorways poster

Road To Zero Carbon Final report of the Zero Carbon Task Force Jan10.pdf

Sustainable Schools_Teaching Award.pdf You can nominate a school for the DCSF Teaching Award for Sustainable Schools and anyone can nominate.

s3 sustainable school self-evaluation for primary, middle and secondary schools.pdf

s3+ sustainable schools self-evaluation for local authorities who support sustainable schools.pdf

Securing The Future Sustainable Schools.pdf

Securing The Future The UK Government Sustainable Development Strategy.pdf

Sustainability Matters.pdf

Sustainable Schools A brief introduction.pdf

Sustainable Schools for Pupils Communities and the Environment Government Response.pdf

UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014.pdf

Update on Young Activists.pdf