'A footprint means pressing down and global means world, so 'global footprint' means pressing down on the world and we don't want to press too hard' (child's definition of a Global Footprint)
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what about climate change?

Putting your foot down

Taking action to reduce your water footprint

Reduce your use of water
We have looked at how a large footprint in one area leads to a large footprint in another [link to: ‘Did you know? One large footprint often leads to another…and another…’] The reverse is also true: by reducing your water footprint, you can reduce your impact in other areas too. Using less water means less energy is used in getting the water to your tap. Also, the more water saving habits we get into the fewer problems we will have when there is a drought and the more water there will be to go around.

Campaign for water for all
As aware and active global citizens we can work to persuade governments of the importance and urgency of helping to deliver clean water and sanitation to everyone in the world. Here are some groups campaigning on the issue of water; they provide information on how to campaign effectively and how to get involved:

School or Community water events
There are two important United Nations initiatives which provide excellent opportunities for a school, classroom or community focus on water.

The first is World Water Day held every year on March 22nd. Every tear the UN highlights the dangers of inadequate access to safe water and basic sanitation and promotes the importance of these to helping lift people out of poverty and poor health. See the World Water Day website for details.

The second initiative is the Water for Life Decade. The primary goal of the 'Water for Life' Decade is to put pressure on the international community to meet the commitments they made on water by 2015. See the Water for Life Decade website for details

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