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Auditing, Tracking and Evaluation

‘All schools should be promoting pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development and suitably preparing pupils for life.  However, there is no need to present a detailed analysis in the report of the school’s promotion of each of the four components of pupils’ SMSC development.’

Ofsted Subsidary Guidance 2012

Rather than schools gathering endless data about every aspect of school life contributing to SMSC, a sampling approach to evaluating impact may be most informative. The older Ofsted guidance from 2004 offers some valuable examples of the categories of evaluative evidence inspectors are likely to gather, including:

  • Interview with Head teacher or School Leaders
  • Observation walk around the school, starting at the gate
  • School tour with a senior member of staff
  • Review of documentation, including logging of incidents
  • Lesson observations
  • Assembly observations
  • Scrutiny of student work (sample)
  • Review of written work of students across curriculum range (sample)
  • Interviews with students to gain evidence of attitudes to diversity or to opportunities offered
  • Data analysis of participation.

A careful gathering of these types of information by the SMSC co-ordinator, say once per half-term, would build a powerful documentation of the impact of SMSC provision. 

Tip: Try writing a one-A4-side summary of the impact of SMSC provision in your school.  This would convey a powerful picture to inform improvement, gap-filling and to set the scene with inspectors.

Further support

Auditing tools can be used to identify a schools strengths and weaknesses.  A free trial of an audit tool can be found at: http://smsc.opeus.org

Schools Linking Netwrok offer resources, guidance and a course for leaders of SMSC accompanied by a bespoke audit document as part of the course materials.