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We will be continually adding activities and resources to this section of the waste pages.

  • Remember you can download Numeracy and Literacy classroom activities about waste from here.

  • Additional Activities to download


    This Waste and Recycling Story Tepee is a variation on our StoryTents which have been developed for use in primary schools to support the development of oracy and the teaching of global citizenship. The Waste and Recycling tepee was developed as part of a project to support young people's learning about waste and recycling.

  • Speaking and Listening Activities linked to Waste and Recycling

  • Plastic bags are a source of visible litter.
    There is an ongoing debate about their importance and their effect on the environment. Governments around the world have been studying the issue and creating laws to deal with the problem.

    What would your children decide? Would they ban, tax or educate?

    Download the full 12 pages pack.

  • Web Guide for teachers

    Ideas for teaching about waste, recycling, composting etc. using resources, activities and games to be found on the internet. Including local contacts for supporting your school's project in East London.





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