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How big is your footprint?





Global means the world and footprint means pressing down and we don't want to press down on the world too hard.
This is how one nine year old girl described the global footprint. By trying out this quiz you will see in what ways you are trampling on the world around you and what kind of footprint you are leaving behind.

Have you ever seen a muddy field or path after lots of people have trampled over it? It leaves quite a mess!

  • We all tread on the world, pressing down on it by the way we live.
  • Some of us tread on the world heavily and leave a large footprint.
  • Some of us tread on the world lightly and leave a small footprint.

Notice the different colour for the words 'your community'? You can click on any words with this colour to find their meaning. Try it!

  1. Your score at the end of the quiz will tell you whether you have a large or small footprint.
  2. The smaller your footprint the better
    This means you are not trampling too heavily around the school, your community, or the world in which you, other people, plants and animals live.
  3. After trying the quiz you can think about and find out ways to tiptoe more carefully.

  4. Tread your way carefully through the global footprints quiz… NOW!

  5. Read each question fully and think carefully about it before you answer. Answer honestly so that you can get a true measure of your footprint.

Section 1 ~ HOW YOU THINK~
The following set of questions is about how you think and feel about different issues.

  1. What do you think is the most important thing about your education?
To get high scores in school tests and exams
To do well enough to keep my parents and teacher happy
To learn ways of getting on with other people better and how to protect the world and make it a better place for all to live in
To prepare me for getting a job when I leave


2. Thinking about animals
I am worried about the number of species that are endangered and threatened by extinction
I help protect endangered animals by being a member of a wildlife society or an environmental organisation. Name of organisation
Pets are the most important animals and I look after my pets very well
Animals are not my thing!


3. Men and women as leaders
Most of the leaders in the world are men because they make the best leaders
It doesn't matter if there are more men leaders than women leaders
Women make just as good leaders as men and there should be more opportunities for women to become leaders


  4. Going to war
War is a useful and quick way of solving disagreements
War is always wrong. Peaceful solutions should always be tried for solving conflict
I think sometimes it is necessary to have a war



5. Which do you think is the most important for reducing waste?

Re-use it


Recycle it

Make sure it all goes into the bin
Don't make so much in the first place


  6. Rich and poor
Having both rich and poor people in the world makes life more interesting
It has to be wrong that there are some very rich people when many people do not even have enough to eat
It can't be helped that there are rich and poor people -it's just the way the world is


Section 2 ~ HOW YOU ACT~

The following set of questions is about how you act on different issues.
For some questions in this section you can click ONE ANSWER ONLY. On others you can CLICK ON MORE THAN ONE ANSWER. It's all to do with circles and squares! You can click on any answer beginning with a square but only one answer in each question beginning with a circle.


  Getting on with others
7. How do you choose your friends?
I choose friends who are popular and who everybody notices
I choose friends who show friendship, whom I can trust and who I can have fun with
I make sure I choose friends who are of the same colour, culture or religion as me
When I choose friends it doesn't matter to me what colour, culture or religion they are


  8. How do you react when you see bullying?
I turn away and ignore the situation OR
I report it immediately to a teacher, member of the School Council or an adult OR
I shout at or attack the bully to make them stop
I sometimes join in the bullying


  9. Taking action in the local community
I am involved in a group or club which takes action to help other people or the environment in my community Name of group I belong to :
I don't take action in my community because there are enough people doing this already
I am not involved in taking action in my community but would like to find out how I could
I don't take action because the local environment and the people who live in it aren't important to me


  The environment
10. Litter bug
I do drop litter, it's not my problem OR
I never drop litter on the streets, parks or anywhere else in my community OR
I sometimes drop litter, but not usually
I often pick litter up for recycling or putting in the bin


  11. Recycling rubbish
Sometimes I recycle rubbish like paper, glass and cans
I always recycle rubbish like paper, glass and cans
I never recycle - all my rubbish goes in the bin


  12. Getting to school
I usually walk or cycle to school
I usually come to school by bus or by train
I usually travel to school by car even though there are other ways to get to school
I travel to school by car because it's too far to walk or cycle and there is no bus or train


  Using money and resources
13. Buying clothes
I often go shopping for the latest fashions
I only buy new clothes when I really need them
I don't buy clothes from companies that I know treat their workers badly
I buy mainly second hand clothes from charity shops like Oxfam


  14. Fair trade
Many of the products in our house, like tea, coffee and chocolate, are Fair Trade
Sometimes my family or myself buy Fair Trade products
I know what Fair Trade means but I prefer to buy other products
I don't know what Fair Trade means


15. Using electricity
All or most of the lights in our house are low energy light bulbs
When I am not watching the TV I leave it on standby
I make sure I turn off lights or TV when I leave a room OR
Leaving lots of lights on doesn't bother me


Food and Health
16. Food glorious food
I eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables every day (5 portions or more each day)
I make sure I eat some fruit or vegetables every day (but not as much as 5 portions)
I eat lots of chips, cakes, chocolate and sweets
I eat some fruit and vegetables, but not every day


17. Meat and veg
I don't eat any meat or fish: I am a vegetarian
I eat lots of red meat nearly every day
I only eat red meat once or twice a week
The only meats I eat are chicken and fish


  18. Doing drugs
I will smoke and drink alcohol when I am older. Smoking and drinking are important parts of adult life OR
I will never smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs because they can all damage health OR
I have already tried cigarettes
I talk about drugs, alcohol and smoking with my parents, teachers and friends so I can learn more about how they might affect me


Now check your foot size!

  Score -53 or less: Tiny footprint. You are walking on air, treating the earth and everything that lives in it with great respect
Score -35 to -52: Small footprint. You are light footed, tiptoeing carefully around the earth
Score - 34 to +28: Medium footprint. You are heavy footed, trampling a bit hard on the earth
Score +29 - +40: Large footprint. You are a clumsy clogs, stomping around the earth
Score +41 or more: Giant footprint. You are a bother boots, giving the earth a terrible kicking!


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