'A footprint means pressing down and global means world, so 'global footprint' means pressing down on the world and we don't want to press too hard' (child's definition of a Global Footprint)
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what about climate change?

Putting your foot down

There are two ways in which you can help reduce the impact of debt. The first is to campaign for the unjust debts still hanging over the poorest countries to be cancelled. You could become personally involved in the Jubilee Debt Campaign or encourage your school to become a Jubilee School. This will enable your school to become more informed and active in the fight to save lives and restore hope for the millions of people affected by the debt crisis.

The other way is to challenge our economic system and its obsession with credit and debt related consumption. You can do this at school and in your local community as well as by challenging local and national politicians over policies that encourage a culture of debt, consumerism and materialism.  

The New Economics Foundation have carried out extensive research and developed a lot of policies which challenge our current economic model. They have identified several ways of improving the quality life which do not involve buying into debt and consumerism. Ideas include keeping physically fit and active, learning a new skill or developing an old one, regularly connecting with people in community groups and with friends and family, actively taking notice of the world around you and giving to others – your time and help.