'A footprint means pressing down and global means world, so 'global footprint' means pressing down on the world and we don't want to press too hard' (child's definition of a Global Footprint)
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what about climate change?

Student democracy

Student democracy looks at how you can create events within your borough. Children can use the Town Hall, or other venues like City Hall, to take part in events around democratic, civic or rights-based themes.

HEC Global Learning Centre is responsible for most of the student democratic events taking place within the borough of Tower Hamlets, London. Children come to the Town Hall, or other venues like City Hall, to take part in events around a democratic, civic or rights-based theme. These events are almost always oversubscribed and are free for all Tower Hamlets teachers and schools.

Children gain the opportunity to:
- Learn from key figures in the administration and governance of the borough or professionals with relevant insight and experience to share
- Meet with peers from other schools and discuss and work them around democratic themes
- Participate in simulations and workshop activities which stimulate thinking and offer insight into real world events and processes

Within the last few years children have participated in:

  • Citizenship ceremonies, where students create their own pictures and poems to share as part of the ceremony and learn about the role of the mayor through question and answer sessions Click here for our Citizenship Ceremony resources
  • HEC’s first event for Who Do We Think We Are? Week was for teachers and children to learn about the job of solicitors and children’s rights, through video questions from students.
  • To celebrate Nelson Mandela’s birthday teachers and children shared a cake with the Deputy Mayor, Ahmed Omer, at the Town Hall. The event opened the ’Fair Play Wall’, as part of Black History Month and Local Democracy Week.
  • An event to explore the importance of Barack Obama and modern democracy and as a focus for Black History Month: 'Barack Obama and Democracy - What can school councillors learn?'
  • The first ever youth-participatory 'budget' for Tower Hamlets local authority; young people advocating spending from the perspective of young people which was then used to lobby the borough for child-focused spending.
  • The participation of young people in the launch of the DFID white paper, Eliminating World Poverty, by Minister Michael Foster in July was part of HEC’s work for the Department for International Development Enabling Effective Support regional strategy, Local4Global. Several schools attended the launch at the National Maritime Museum and others were involved by video conference.

Visit Our Voice pages on our East End Talking website to find out more about our Town Hall sessions and pupil involvement at Citizenship Ceremonies.