'A footprint means pressing down and global means world, so 'global footprint' means pressing down on the world and we don't want to press too hard' (child's definition of a Global Footprint)
what is Global Learning? CoreKnowledge Key Skills Values and Attitudes what is sustainability? what about climate change?
what about climate change?


Global learning across the curriculum can be an important way of supporting learners to understand global issues and to make links between their learning in different subjects.  For over a decade global learning has been conceived as a cross- curriculum dimension to the curriculum provision in schools.  Cross- curriculum dimensions reflect the major ideas and challenges that face society and have significant individuals.  They are non-statutory, but they can provide the unifying themes that give education relevance and authenticity, helping young people make sense of the world.

We have chosen a range of cross- curriculum dimension such as critical thinking, Fair Trade, Literacy, School linking, Talking time and place and Pupil voice.  These dimensions provide opportunities to integrate learning across subjects, events and activities.  They can make learning topical and engaging and provide opportunities for in-depth understanding.